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DriveByte will show you the inner workings of my complex brain circuitry as a university student trying to figure out he wants to do in life. AND technology related things, from computers, cameras, smartphones, gaming because I’m a nerd like that. I may touch on some software tutorials and things of that nature from time to time but no promises as of yet. I know that’s a lot, but I’ll be organized to the best of my abilities. I may also throw in some of my yoga routines here and there. I joke *insert Apple reference here*. That was my lame attempt at comedy. I’m funnier in real life, I promise. So being a huge technology nerd that I am (the kind that knows about products before any of those rumor sites pick them up) I decided it would be best to blog about it while (hopefully) improving my writing skills.

Current Computer Situation

My parents bought me a mid-range laptop in 2006, back when I was in Grade 10 (oh no, now you know how old I am) and I have constantly used it  for school purposes, to play a few games from time to time but mostly to browse the inter webs.  My parents used a piece of junk desktop machine at the time but later bought a (high-end for its time) desktop computer in the winter of ’08. I have been using their desktop from time to time and I can’t wait until I get a new laptop. Over the past year or so I have gotten (back) into computer games and bought a PlayStation 3 last summer. So at this moment in time I am looking for a gaming laptop. I have my eyes set on the Asus Republic of Gamer (ROG) G53Jw series of machines (they come in varying configurations). I have been reading about this beast for a few months now and have kept up with forums and I am pretty sure I will end up going for it. The problem is the price; the cheapest I have seen it go is $1200 on I would much rather buy this machine close to the $1000 range especially since Asus is coming out with the new G53SW (with a Sandy Bridge i7 processor). Everything else except for the processor is the same between the G53JW and the G53SW so I am not sure whether I should wait for the G53SW or get the JW since I will be needing a new laptop (my current one is way too slow) this summer for my Computer Science classes. Also the above machines come in the 17″ versions but I’d rather have a smaller 15″ screen and save some money because I have an external monitor that I use currently.

So that’s my dilemma as of now, whether to wait for the new ones (that don’t have any reviews online) that may come out later on in April or to get the current machine for the cheapest I can find. Decisions decisions…The Dream Rig


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